Less is More: Effortlessly Sweet Sweet Potatoes

We’ve all heard the phrase Less is More, whether it is in fashion advocating for the Coco Chanel slick look or in Romcom dating advice “don’t overdo it with the roses Ted!”. Well, who knew, it can apply to deliciously baked healthy sweet potatoes as well! I absolutely love sweet potatoes, and it dates back to when growing up in Japan with a convenience store in proximity that sold sweet potatoes for just 105 yen (think 1 dollar). After years of experimenting what my favorite sweet potato recipe is, it all dwindled down to just olive oil and thyme. Less is more Ted.

A healthy, slick, effortlessly sweet-sweet potato with the perfect amount of crisp! – you

Step 0: Go to your favorite grocery store and buy sweet potatoes, olive oil, and thyme if you don’t already have these potato-lover-must-haves

Step 1: Cut your favorite potatoes in cross section circular disks and place them on a baking sheet on a baking pan

Step 2: Preheat oven to 425°, and drizzle the potatoes with olive oil and thyme

Should look like this after Step 2

Step 3: Once the oven has told you it is ready for it’s hottest gig, place the baking pan into the oven and set a timer for 25 minutes

Step 4: Turn on Netflix immediately and start watching an episode of “How I met Your Mother”, or a different 25 minute sitcom of your choice

Step 5: Take the baking pan out of the oven after the end of an episode

Wow how easy! Enjoy!

Step 6: Don’t forget to take a picture! Share it on Instagram with #LessIsMore

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