Hello! First off, thank you for being here! I am inherently a hustler and have powered through life with an “on the go” mindset for the past few years, moving to and from busy cosmopolitan cities. Within the past 5 years, I have moved from Nagoya to Seattle to London, and then back to Seattle again. I was constantly juggling culture shock, a heavy college workload, an exciting social life, and part-time jobs when it hit me that my life was moving way too quickly and was demanding a lot from my body. During my year studying abroad in London, I ended up going to the National Health Service hospital on a bi-weekly basis (yay free healthcare!) because of painful bumps that had appeared underneath my armpits. The doctor who saw me said a single sentence that changed my perspective on how I had been living life: “You, my dear, have a chronic skin condition that has no cure”. Yikes! It sometimes takes an extreme situation like this to finally realize that your health often reflects your day-to-day decisions, which include trying to accommodate a variety of activities and responsibilities without putting your physical and mental needs first — and which was exactly what I had been doing for the past few years. I knew exactly what I needed then: A Lifestyle Makeover. A makeover in my diet, exercise routine, sleep cycle, internal dialogue, and attitude towards life. I hope to share with you all some simple ways in which you can connect with your internal dialogue to advance your well-being and to practice self-love, all within your exciting, yet busy lifestyle.

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